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Equine Data

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Equine Data is an internet based, cross platform program that allows you to enter information such as farrier, medical, workouts, set lists, location, and documents

Equine Data organizes the information and allows you to access or enter your data from either your mobile device or computer.
The Equine Data program will help you stay organized and allow you more time with you horses.

We are offering a 90 day free trial period, after this time, you will be billed $1.50 per horse each month.  There is a minimum of $10 per month.
With a little instruction, it is very straight forward.  We will provide you with a quick start guide, and we are here to answer any questions that you may have.
With internet access, you can access your data from any mobile device or computer. 
Providing you have internet access, yes, you can access your data from anywhere,
Your data is SSL-Encrypted:  This ensures a secure connection between your computer and the Equine Data Servers.
We employ multiple backups at daily and weekly intervals.
You can have separate logins for as many users as you need.  
We even have logins for owners to stay up to date on their horses' activities. 
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